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Why Pibbs is a Better Buy

About Pibbs Salon Industries

If your looking for salon equipment that won’t break the bank, but also won’t break within months of purchase then look no further than Pibbs Salon Equipment. Pibbs began their journey over 40 years ago in the early 1960’s. The company put down roots in the beauty industry by opening a beauty and barber supply store. From there, they continued to expand and grow and add new products to their lineup. Today, they distribute furniture world wide and own a large manufacturing company in New York. While they may be large now, they remain a humble family owned company. The company is mostly known for their salon chairs and pedicure chairs which are very popular in the industry.

Why Buy Pibbs

Some of the benefits of buying Pibbs salon equipment is the warranty. Pibbs Salon Equipment comes with a 1-year warranty on all products with an exception of a 2-year warranty on Hydraulic Pumps. Another benefit is having options to choose from. They offer 35 Designer Stock Vinyl Colors and 12 decorative laminate shades. Perhaps the greatest benefit is buying from a company which is well established with over 40 years’ experience in manufacturing salon and spa equipment. It goes without saying that they know what salon professionals what and need. The company is here for the long run and can offer replacement parts when needed.

Where to Buy offers a wide selection of Pibbs Salon and Spa Equipment and can help you choose what is best for your needs. They have trusted professionals with over 20 years’ experience selling salon and spa furnishings. If you are looking to finance they can help with that too. 

Dec 26th 2018

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