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​Save on Salon and Spa Equipment

Save on Salon and Spa Equipment

Do you want to save money on salon and spa equipment? That is a silly question, of course you do! Do you think that saving money is only about finding the biggest discount, sale or promotion? Maybe it is finding the cheapest price on a salon chair you like or finding a knock-off of the styling station you like. These are ways to save money in the short term or immediately. However, you may end up spending more money in the long run. How is this so?

How the Cheapest Equipment is Costing you More

Cheap salon equipment is often manufactured in China and is not made from the finest materials. The equipment lacks the quality needed to last a long time; especially in busy salons and spas. Usually with-in a year, cheap salon and spa equipment will begin to break down and will need to be replaced. What seemed like a great buy or a money saver at the time just turned into a money loss. Not only will you have to replace the equipment but will be losing customers until you can replace the equipment.

How to save money

By investing in quality salon and spa equipment such as Belvedere, Pibbs, Collins, Takara Belmont or J&A, you actually save money. These brands produce high quality salon and spa equipment and while it may cost more money to buy up front, the equipment last longer and come with extended warranties. You will not need to replace them for years. Your clients will also be happy with the high quality equipment turning them into loyal customers who will recommend your salon or spa to others.

Where to buy High Quality Salon and Spa Equipment?

Here at, we offer high quality equipment from the best manufacturers in the industry. We have qualified and knowledgeable professionals who can answer any questions you may have and assist you with your purchase. We also offer financing from the best rated finance company in the industry.  

Dec 26th 2018

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