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Dryer Chairs

Dryer Chairs

 Salon Dryer chairs for beauty salons

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    Belvedere Arch Plus Dryer Chair

    MSRP: $676.00
    Belvedere ARCH PLUS DRYER CHAIR *Dryer not included* The Arch Plus Dryer Chair offers the classic look that's compatible with virtually any salon decor.   Features: Choice of...
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    Belvedere Caddy Dryer Chair

    MSRP: $856.00
    Now: $599.00
    Was: $642.00
    BELVEDERE CADDY DRYER CHAIR *Dryer not included*     Richly upholstered seat and back, plus durable hardwood arms, define the contemporary style of the Caddy Dryer Chair.   Features: Molded hardwood arms finished in...

    Belvedere Calcutta Dryer Chair

    MSRP: $487.00
    BELVEDERE CALCUTTA DRYER CHAIR You'll find style and substance in the adaptable Calcutta Dryer Chair. Features: Resilient molded black armrest Padded and upholstered back and seat ...
  • Belvedere Delta Hair Dryer Chair


    Belvedere Delta Hair Dryer Chair

    MSRP: $701.00
    Belvedere Delta Hair Dryer Chair, classic style that's compatible with any salon decor. The Delta Dryer Chair offers a classic style...
  • Belvedere Hampton Dryer Chair


    Belvedere Hampton Dryer Chair

    MSRP: $679.00
    Belvedere Hampton Dryer Chair The Hampton Dryer Chair Features: Heat seal in seat and back Upholstered and textured seat and back Urethane Molded arms Accommodates...
  • Belvedere Kallista Dryer Chair


    Belvedere Kallista Dryer Chair

    MSRP: $1,482.00
    The Belvedere Kallista Dryer Chair is Made 100% in North America with quality and durability in mind as it is built to last a lifetime.   The Belvedere Kallista Dryer Chair is Made 100% in North America with quality and durability in mind as it...

    Belvedere Lexus Dryer Chair

    MSRP: $414.00
    BELVEDERE LEXUS DRYER CHAIR,Embossed pattern on padded backrest Molded black urethane arms The Lexus line is a salon favorite thanks to the soft contours, sturdy construction, and great value. Features: Embossed pattern on padded backrest Molded...
  • Belvedere Mondo Dryer Chair


    Belvedere Mondo Dryer Chair

    MSRP: $1,241.00
    The Belvedere Mondo Dryer Chair Features: Classic Belvedere "retro" styling Molded maple plywood set and back shelf, 5/8" thick, Stained and lacquered finish inside and out Upholstered dryer box accommodates belvedere dryers only Shells...
  • Belvedere Newport Dryer Chair


    Belvedere Newport Dryer Chair

    MSRP: $468.00
    Dryer Chair The Newport Dryer Chair Features: Thick upholstered seat and back for comfort Accommodates Belvedere Dryers Dryer not included Available in all belvedere...

    Belvedere Riva Dryer Chair

    MSRP: $729.00
    Belvedere Riva Dryer Chair, ffering maximum comfort and attractive styling, Upholstered dryer box The Riva line is a complete family of chairs offering maximum...